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Education, Respect, Responsibility, Community, Citizenship  

Angela D. Raymond, founder of Angela's Educational Early Learning Alliance, began her career in September 1986 through the D.E.C.A.  business group at Olney High School, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Through DECA, she received her first job as a restaurant cashier and established an excellent work ethic, which resulted in accelerated advancement to the management arena the following year.  During the five years of management service Angela, enjoyed working with the public and students that she supervised.  She assisted them with homework, provided direct counseling to some concerning personal relationships, as well as uplifting others through family crises. 

Angela now had a career goal: she desired to open a restaurant.  In 1990, she enrolled in Philadelphia’s Community College Hotel and Restaurant Management Program.  Through her internship in 1993, she joined forces with a catering group.   Sustaining a superb work ethic, Angela advanced to management within six months of employment.  She enjoyed her public relations and the opportunity she had to work with local college students.  At this time she decided to use her restaurant skills to open a catering business.  In 2000, she completed her Business Administration degree at Immaculata University.  As she ventured into the work force to accomplish her goals, she undertook several professional positions which allowed her to work with students of various levels. This is where Angela identified her true calling.  She was determined to make a difference in the lives of our future leaders. 

In September 2000, Angela entered the Philadelphia Public School System as an elementary school teacher.  It is here where she gained insight about some of the problems and reasons of the failing school system and the unmet needs of overwhelmed students.  Within three years of an eight year teaching tenure, supported by her family, she started her own business in community service. Angela’s vision was to create an educational center that offered students the opportunity to reach for higher goals, strive to be pinnacles of success, and involve them in programs and activities that would instill confidence and attain lifelong skills. 

Likewise, her goal is to furnish pupils with the values her parents imparted to her and her siblings, thus the foundation’s namesake.