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Education, Respect, Responsibility, Community, Citizenship  

Education - I will value my education and work to the best of my ability to achieve my highest goals

- I will respect myself, my parents, teachers, my community, and my surroundings. I will hold my head high and be proud of who I am, where I am in my life today, and the obstacles that I’ve endured.

Responsibility - I will be responsible for my own behavior, completing my homework, helping others around the house, and assisting when needed without being asked.

Community - I will help keep my community clean. I will throw garbage into its proper place and           participate in recycling. I will respect others property.

Citizenship - I will act as a responsible citizen of my community. will follow the rules and laws that govern it. 


This Week in Class

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While sorting colors, Da'Shawn decided to eat any that he couldn't find.
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A.E.E.L.A.C. students are on the move.
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